A yogi of lifetimes Sharon Revital Aluma walks this path of yoga with authenticity that is felt in her presence. She brings yoga as medicine for self healing and self empowerment. Within her teachings she shares the work of transmutation knowing that in the embodiment of being we are all being guided home.

Born into a family that cultivated art, philosophy, and personal development Sharon has a strong foundation in a universal understanding of life from her time of birth. Spiritual studies and ritual filled the home she grew up in with honor and respect for the power of presence that moves us from within.

Classically trained in the fine arts from the age of eleven, Sharon Revital has been tapped into something grater than herself and it runs through her veins pouring out in her essence. Through her years of college at Maryland Institute College of Art Sharon obtained a BFA in Environmental Design with a concentration in painting. Her summers were spent traveling throughout Europe as a landscape painter where she spent hours everyday observing the wisdom of nature and interpreting it’s essence expressed through her art.

It was her freshman year in collage that Sharon began a formal practice of yoga asana. In the simplicity of her story she began on the path not having the strength to hold downward facing dog posture (adho mukha svanasana) for five breathes. It was her teachers guiding words to “keep showing up” that left an impact on her in the reminder to always honor and trust the process of growth and evolution.

Today, Sharon Revital Aluma is known as a wisdom teacher sharing all the gifts with a mission to bring people into living peace on earth. Her philosophy is self-guidance through self study (svādhyāya) knowing that from the teachings of the inner guru we come into our truest powers, the gifts we came with to share with this world. Through her years of teaching she sees the truth in self-empowerment and the vibrational effect of living in a state of union, living yoga. Known as The Local Yogi, Sharon travels the world teaching and living a life she dreams as Creative Director of Organic Vinyasa Yoga.

“Sharon’s authenticity as a grounded women & as a soulful therapeutic yoga shaman cuts to the heart of what the asana practice is really all about…I love how she meets people exactly where they are in class & really creates a safe, non-judgemental space to invite each person to elevate to their own personal threshold that feels challenging, fun & rewarding.”
– Eileen Moran, New York

“Organic Vinyasa taught what it means to “show up” and “embody” I learned these from feeling what I have never felt in a pose before. I used to think I was in the asana until I went in deep studies with Sharon. She provides me with the tools I need to foundational connect with myself and self discovery, guiding me in the right direction so I can find my voice. I can pull Organic Vinyasa tools and use them in my other practices and teaching because I experience these profound moments of clarity, understanding, depth, and flow so strongly through Sharon’s teachings.”
-Brooke Grossfield, Yoga Teacher

“Through Sharon’s teaching I’ve learned, it’s not about the physical but about spirit and connection to something much deeper than we can ever speak of, but felt from the inner workings of our being.”
-cristina ramirez,
lululemon asm + community head coach

Coming from a very high frequency, Sharon is incredibly insightful with an uplifting impact, guiding from experience. It’s really something about the experience in Sharon’s teachings, that guides me more deeply in the understanding of my subtle body, things just click.
-Morgan Adams,
Yoga Teacher