Organic Vinyasa is a medicinal yoga system, as a holistic practice of embodied movement exploring universal principles.

Using the tools of yoga as a clear and direct path towards the current cosmic awakening you will be guided through pranayama, yoga-asana, meditation, universal philosophy and sound therapy that will draw you deep into your being, hearing your intuition, and discovering your essence. A journey everytime you step on your mat connected in the flow of life.


There has been in a point in our lives where we moved into a threshold of pain and decieded it was a lot easier to live outside of our bodies then in them. It could be the words of being heavy, a painful experience with scoliosis, being raped, using our bodies to the limits competeing in sports, it could be anything. We call this, Emotional Body Anatomy.

We are now at a point in universal awarness where we are begining to see that dis-embodiment does not work. As Bob Marley put it best, “you can’t keep running away from yourself” So while a third eye high is a cosmic experience, if we are not grounded in our body we are still dis-embodied and not living a life in karmic clearings that will move through all our ancestory.

The vortex of traveling in cosmic meditaions clearing karmic seeds happens by moving in. That pain in the hip associated to mother or the shoulder pain simply being an ex-lover who we still carry their weight on our shoulders.

These yogic practices are medicinal and will heal more than just the body. What you will find is through inner explorations of awarness things begin to open again and the body heals. Eventually this practice becomes one of physics not force, allowing for the medicince orbs that lie within to be transfrered thoughout the system with movement and breath.