“Breathing = Spiritual Joint” -DM

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What I learned is that Dharma Mittra is a very fun loving guy. He also has the yogi mind teaching, “Practice full compassion… but in the beginning you might have to pretend” & “Those who identify with the body/mind dies”. As an artist in the design industry I also realized how ingenious he was to make the poster of the 908 postures. Besides being a great asana reference Dharma admitted to the impact it had on his own teaching status saying “people out of nowhere started calling me up asking to do workshops!”

H2OM at The Standard Spa

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FLOW YOUR HEART OUT Sharon Aluma will be taking you on a yogic journey and by the end you won’t be able to do anything but meltdown. Ready for some Organic Love? Her powerful sequencing and sense of humor will get you melting from the inside out. Your body and mind will be taken through a yogic morphing, unraveling itself into unconditional love. What better way to let go of the mind then by first letting go of the body. Accompanied by the ultimate flow your heart out playlist we will all end up in the deepest savasana bliss.