Live Your Truth

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“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” -Winston Churchill Over dinner with friends I got to dive into a great conversation on the power of “Just Say No.”  Yes this class of 2000 motto applies to not only drugs but more importantly life. So often we don’t listen to ourselves and we over commit. We don’t want to hurt someones feelings but ultimately we do by either canceling last minute or not being fully present. I am not saying don’t show up for others, I am saying show up for life. If you allow yourself to be pulled in several directions aimlessly do you lose your grounding? Are you giving your energy out to the point where you don’t have enough energy to stoke your own fire? There is more to life than keeping it pretty. The dirty work allows for the grounding and nourishing of your calling. What makes you light up, what feeds your soul, what are you contributing to this collective consciousness? The million dollar question is; are you running away from your own light to live in the shadows because it’s comfortable? … Read More

Full Bloom

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So often we look outside of ourselves to create our dreams. What if you looked in? Can you close your eyes and really connect with your centered self? Can you listen to your soul, your gut and move from there? Within my life practice I am finding out how important grounding really is. If you move from the seed that is planted you will bloom. If you are constantly uprooting yourself with thought that perhaps where you are is not right there is the possibility that you are not allowing yourself to take root and grow. In our yoga practice this is physically being connected to where are hands, feet or seat lies. Can you let that translate into your spiritual practice? Can you hear your soul speak and are you really listening? At a time when we are setting resolutions instead of looking out can you start from within and let that live? No longer will you be the seeker looking, trying and grasping (aparigraha) but rather you might move into space where you are peeling back the layers to uncover and find: Know that everything you need you already have, that is abundance. The love and the light … Read More

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The Root

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“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots” -Rumi In practice, this root thing has been creeping up for me a lot. Every pose I find in my practice I am learning starts from the ground up! Just to start, your feet have 52 bones, that’s 25% of your body bone count! Pyramid is a great one I have been teaching lately where it is always said, “Square your hips off”. The trick is you have to somehow do this while your upside-down and backwards. Taking it from the heels of the feet rooted down into the earth the hips are able to naturally find themselves in place. Grounding the front heel moves the one hip back as the back heel moves the other hip forward giving your body the alignment of ‘squared’. On a self development level (I work for lululemon, got to throw this in) we have so many areas in our life where we decided we need to improve. But if you sit down and really think about where things are arising that you struggle with you could probably pin it all back to one root issue. Working strongly with that … Read More

‘time’ is not on your side

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“The trouble is, you think you have time” -Buddha This is Buddha talking, so no he is not talking about living with a sense of urgency. He is speaking of living in the moment, being present and aware with where you are right now. The idea of ‘time’ only lets the stories begin and it is the stories that gets us living in something that is not real, something that is not true. This is not to say don’t create (I am an artist after all). When a painter paints a landscape, they are that landscape, they are deeply present to the moment. Being in the moment is being absorbed by all that is around you, being present with the smells, sensations and the cool breeze on the skin. Being with what is as opposed to seeking something outside of this. The seeker implies that there is something you need to find when all you have is already totally present. Once all the layers of ideas disappear, including this illustrious thing called time, you realize your true Self is already here!

“Breathing = Spiritual Joint” -DM

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What I learned is that Dharma Mittra is a very fun loving guy. He also has the yogi mind teaching, “Practice full compassion… but in the beginning you might have to pretend” & “Those who identify with the body/mind dies”. As an artist in the design industry I also realized how ingenious he was to make the poster of the 908 postures. Besides being a great asana reference Dharma admitted to the impact it had on his own teaching status saying “people out of nowhere started calling me up asking to do workshops!”