Chaturanga and Arm Balance

Building a Sustainable Practice // Chaturanga and Arm Balance SATURDAY MAY 11 3-5pm $30 If you have ever dealt with shoulder or neck pain from your vinyasa practice this workshop is for you. We will explore the shoulder girdle through the skeletal & muscular systems that will help you be successful in your everyday vinyasas as well as crow, forearm stand and other arm balances. You will leave with an understanding to sustain your vinyasa practice and take your arm balances to the next level!


DETOX TO REVIVAL a spring awakening No holding back, we will let go, detox and unravel into the vibrant raw energy of life. Join Sharon Aluma, creator of Organic Vinyasa Yoga on this yogic morphing H2om event. Her powerful sequencing will take your body into a state of full surrender allowing your mind to expand into new horizons. Get ready to sweat detox and be in the flow. As always, Sharon’s perfectly curated playlist will keep you centered in the expansion of life as you prepare for the ultimate savasana experience that will bring you into a spring awakening.

Building a Sustainable Practice

Building a Sustainable Practice “Mastery combines a balance of science and art. Knowledge of science is like the colors on an artist’s palette- the greater the knowledge, the more colors available. The body is the canvas and the Asanas are the art we create.” -Patanjali We all love our daily practice, it is through refinement we are able to carry our practice through the years. In this workshop we will break down the physical body through the skeletal & muscular systems. Your skeletal system is your core structure that when in correct alignment can bring an ease to your practice. Like any Organic element there is structured geometry buried deep within the chaos. This workshop will be more of a classroom style setting, using the time to give you the tools to take into your everyday practice. Sharon will help you understand the mechanics of the body directed towards your yoga practice. You will leave with a depth of knowladge to take your practice to the next level.