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Today I was reminded by a friend how awesome the breath in our practice really is. You see my friend is in top shape, he is a trainer, surfer, all around athlete but yogi has never been on his list of credentials. I had the honor of having him in class today (his 4th yoga class ever) and we were able to chat after. First, he explained me, “this might sound weird but my crown is open and buzzing within the first 10 minutes of class” (hearing this lit my crown up). Second it came to, “I feel a bit awkward, my body won’t go there” This is where we came into conversation about the need to just breathe.

The breath in our practice is major and so often gets overlooked.

Physically the breathe makes the movement more effortless. With every inhale it is easier to open into a posture and every exhale allows us to clear the space for a deeper fold. It is a constant in and out that is as fluid as the ocean waves coming onto shore.

Mentally the breathe keeps us present, if you are truly focused on the breathe you cannot be focused on what you are going to eat for lunch, what your next step in life is or even how you can or can’t get into a pose. Yes! The breath can take you there, it allows you to drop your stories and be with what truly is both physically and mentally.

Within your practice there is going to be more information thrown at you, “ground through the feet, lift from the pelvic floor, allow the shoulders to sit on the back of the heart.” Can your breath create or allow more space through your system? Can you feel the breath creep into dusty crevasses of the body, clean them out and wake them up?

Ultimately the breath allows for an unraveling and instead of seeking you find. The ocean is not the individual waves coming onto and off of the shore. Rather the waves are just a part of a bigger source called the ocean. Your breath no longer becomes an inhale and exhale but rather just the present experience and in turn the wholeness of life unfolds.To be focused like a jedi in that state of being still in the presence of buzzing awareness, just breathe.

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