Full Bloom

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So often we look outside of ourselves to create our dreams. What if you looked in? Can you close your eyes and really connect with your centered self? Can you listen to your soul, your gut and move from there? Within my life practice I am finding out how important grounding really is. If you move from the seed that is planted you will bloom. If you are constantly uprooting yourself with thought that perhaps where you are is not right there is the possibility that you are not allowing yourself to take root and grow. In our yoga practice this is physically being connected to where are hands, feet or seat lies. Can you let that translate into your spiritual practice? Can you hear your soul speak and are you really listening? At a time when we are setting resolutions instead of looking out can you start from within and let that live? No longer will you be the seeker looking, trying and grasping (aparigraha) but rather you might move into space where you are peeling back the layers to uncover and find: Know that everything you need you already have, that is abundance. The love and the light that is here and present, let it live. Allow yourself to accept that you are awesome, you are great and you are love. Move from there and see where the new year takes you. You will still accomplish goals and reach new heights but it will not be the GMO induced life that is modified to grow faster and fake.

Rather, it will be you knowing who you are and growing into your authentic self. From here you will simply transcend fear and nothing will hold you back. To just be ultimately resolves all.

Here’s to a year to take full bloom.

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