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“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” -Winston Churchill

Over dinner with friends I got to dive into a great conversation on the power of “Just Say No.”  Yes this class of 2000 motto applies to not only drugs but more importantly life. So often we don’t listen to ourselves and we over commit. We don’t want to hurt someones feelings but ultimately we do by either canceling last minute or not being fully present.

I am not saying don’t show up for others, I am saying show up for life. If you allow yourself to be pulled in several directions aimlessly do you lose your grounding? Are you giving your energy out to the point where you don’t have enough energy to stoke your own fire?

There is more to life than keeping it pretty. The dirty work allows for the grounding and nourishing of your calling. What makes you light up, what feeds your soul, what are you contributing to this collective consciousness? The million dollar question is; are you running away from your own light to live in the shadows because it’s comfortable?

Really, ask yourself that question. Whether it be brushing off a compliment to feel ‘humble’ or unconsciously living in patterns and blaming others. Can you sit with the truth? Are you bold enough to live as a vulnerable heart centered warrior? If so, get ready for an internal revolution–and maybe talk it over at dinner with friends.
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