‘time’ is not on your side

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The trouble is, you think you have time-Buddha
This is Buddha talking, so no he is not talking about living with a sense of urgency. He is speaking of living in the moment, being present and aware with where you are right now. The idea of ‘time’ only lets the stories begin and it is the stories that gets us living in something that is not real, something that is not true.

This is not to say don’t create (I am an artist after all). When a painter paints a landscape, they are that landscape, they are deeply present to the moment. Being in the moment is being absorbed by all that is around you, being present with the smells, sensations and the cool breeze on the skin. Being with what is as opposed to seeking something outside of this. The seeker implies that there is something you need to find when all you have is already totally present. Once all the layers of ideas disappear, including this illustrious thing called time, you realize your true Self is already here!

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